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About TivvyTech

Working in Tiverton and surrounding towns and villages, TivvyTech provides tech support for your home and home office

Welcome to my world of technology solutions, where decades of passion meet professional service. Based in Tiverton, Devon, I bring over 30 years of experience in the tech industry, from working with giants like IBM and Centrica to agile software design and support firms.


My journey through various consultant, management and analyst roles has always been underpinned by a fervent interest in all things tech. This enthusiasm has seen me become the go-to source for technical advice and guidance among friends, family, and colleagues. And it's this blend of professional experience and personal enthusiasm that I now offer to you, directly for your home or home office.

Whether you're a tech novice seeking guidance or a seasoned user looking for expert advice, I'm here to assist with all your technology needs. Get in touch today and let's make technology work for you!

Matthew Clayton


TivvyTech Owner, Matthew Clayton

About Me

man helping people with their pc

Things I Do

PC Support & Repair Services

Expert troubleshooting, repairs, virus removal, performance tuning, and hardware/software setup tailored to your computer's needs.

Mobile Device Assistance

Comprehensive support for smartphones and tablets, including photo management, app installation, connectivity fixes, syncing, and security setup.

Home Automation Setup & Support

Custom smart home device installation, virtual assistant integration, automation rules, and troubleshooting for a seamlessly connected home.

Technical Advice & Guidance

Tailored tech purchasing advice, home office setup, Wi-Fi enhancement, cloud storage configuration, and unique technological issue resolution.

Help with Choosing TVs & Audio Devices

Expert selection and setup advice for TVs, streaming devices, home cinema optimisation, and audio system enhancement for the best experience.

No-Code, No Fuss Website Design

Effortless No-Code Solutions: Expertly Crafted Professional Websites Precisely Tailored to Meet Your Unique Needs and Preferences

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