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Technical Advice & Guidance

Looking for tailored advice on tech purchases, setting up a home office, or enhancing your Wi-Fi? I offer customised recommendations and expert solutions to ensure your tech setup is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Tech is in virtually every home nowadays. Question: are you making the most of it, do you feel a bit left behind or are you about to purchase a high ticket item and you want to make sure you make the right decison? Well, this is where this service can help. Below is a short list of just some of the things I can advise you on.

Custom recommendations for tech purchases and upgrades: Unsure which laptop is right for your needs? I'll provide tailored advice, helping you choose the perfect tech without overspending.

Assistance with establishing a home office environment: Setting up a home office but overwhelmed by the tech options? I'll help you select and set up the ideal equipment for a productive workspace.

Expert advice on enhancing Wi-Fi strength and speed: Your Wi-Fi is slow and doesn't reach all corners of your home. I'll optimize your network for speed and coverage, ensuring you're always connected.

Tips for configuring personal cloud storage and secure sharing: Concerned about keeping your files safe and accessible? I'll set up a personal cloud storage solution, giving you access to your files from anywhere, securely.

Bespoke solutions for unique technological challenges: Faced with a tech problem that seems unsolvable? I'll develop a custom solution, tackling even the most complex issues.

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