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Mobile Device Assistance

From smartphones to tablets, I provide support across the Apple eco-system. This includes photo management best practices, app installation, solving connectivity issues, and ensuring your devices are synced and secure.

The mobile phone is a ubiquitous must-have for most these days, but are you getting the most out it? Does it fustrate you when trying to find that hidden setting, or do you just want to understand more about using it to organise your life? Give me a call, I will help set you on the right track.

I can assist on all of the following and more...

Supporting smartphones and tablets: If you're upgrading to a new iPhone or exploring the features of your iPad for the first time, I'm here to assist. I'll help you set up your new device, transfer your data from your old device, and walk you through the features of iOS, ensuring you're comfortable and ready to make the most out of your Apple device

Advising on photo management best practices: Your phone's storage is always full because of thousands of photos. I'll teach you how to organise and back up your photos, freeing up space without losing your memories.

Assisting with app installation and updates: You're unsure about which apps to use for your needs. I'll recommend, install, and update essential apps that enhance your productivity and entertainment.

Solving connectivity issues including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Your tablet won't connect to your wireless headphones. I'll troubleshoot the problem, ensuring your devices connect seamlessly.

Helping sync devices with other smart technology: You've got a new smartwatch that won't sync with your phone. I'll handle the syncing process, so your devices work in harmony.

Facilitating data transfer and backup: Upgrading to a new phone but worried about losing messages and photos? I'll transfer all your data to your new device and set up a backup system.

Setting up security and parental controls: Concerned about your child's online safety? I'll configure parental controls and security settings to keep them safe while they explore the internet.

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