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PC Support & Repair Services

Experiencing issues with your computer? I offer troubleshooting and repairs for both hardware and software problems, performance optimisation for sluggish systems, virus and malware removal, and much more. Whether it's upgrading your hardware or setting up new software, I've got you covered.

Getting to the bottom of issues with a PC can be a bit of a headache and may involve multiple factors. To get it back to tip-top condition often requires a fair bit of investigation. This takes time and requires experince and in-depth knowledge.

For example, perhaps your computer has started to drag its feet, taking longer to start up and freezing up mid-task. It's not only slow but also seems to be overheating, which could be down to something as simple as a buildup of dust and fluff inside, blocking the cooling fans. You've tried the basic fixes – restarting, running antivirus scans, but to no avail. This is precisely where my expertise comes in handy. I'll take a close look at your system, cleaning out any dust and fluff that's causing it to overheat, alongside checking for software issues or potential hardware upgrades. My goal is to not only tackle the immediate problem but to ensure your computer runs efficiently, keeping pace with your daily needs without breaking a sweat.

Other things I can help with include, but are not limted to, the following.

Troubleshooting hardware and software issues: Your laptop suddenly won't boot up, showing only a cryptic error message. I'll diagnose the problem, whether it's a faulty hard drive or a software glitch, and get your laptop back in working order.

Optimising performance for slow computers: Your desktop takes forever to start and stutters on basic tasks. I'll clean up unnecessary files, update software, and tweak settings to speed things up, making your computer run like new again.

Removing viruses and malware: After clicking on a suspicious email, your computer starts acting weirdly. I'll sweep through, removing any malware and securing your system against future attacks, keeping your digital life safe.

Providing data recovery and backup solutions: You accidentally delete an important folder and panic. If caught soon enough, there are ways to recover the lost files just let me know asap. I will also help you set up an automatic backup system, so your data is always safe, no matter what happens.

Installing and configuring software: You're lost setting up a complex software suite for work. I'll handle the installation and configuration, ensuring everything works smoothly together, so you can focus on your tasks without tech headaches.

Upgrading hardware components: Whether it's sluggish performance during work tasks or choppy video playback, outdated hardware can be a bottleneck. I'll assess and upgrade key components like your GPU or SSD, enhancing your computer's overall performance for a smoother, more responsive experience across all your applications.

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