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Home Automation Setup & Support

Dreaming of a smart home? Let me guide you through the selection of smart home hubs, installation and configuration of devices, and integration with virtual assistants for a seamless and efficient living space.

You've decided to dive into the smart home trend and have ideas for some smart bulbs, switches and a thermostat but are finding it difficult to choose between the many solutions available today. Maybe you have little idea on how to use them so they all work together and are rightly worried about investing in something that simply won’t work properly? Don't worry; I'll help you choose the right smart hub that ties all your devices together, install and configure each device, and show you how to control everything from your phone or voice commands. Soon, you'll be adjusting the lighting and temperature without leaving your sofa, making your home smarter and your life easier.

The topics I can cover include the list below, but we can go even further if you want?!

Providing advice on choosing Smart Home Hubs: Overwhelmed by the choices of smart home hubs? I'll advise on the best hub for your lifestyle, ensuring a smooth integration with your devices.

Installing and configuring smart devices like thermostats and lights: Your new smart thermostat is giving you trouble. I'll install and configure it for you, making your home more energy-efficient.

Integrating devices with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant: Want to control your home with your voice but don't know how? I'll integrate your smart devices with your virtual assistant for easy control.

Customising automation for convenience and energy savings: Dreaming of a home that adjusts to your routines? I'll set up custom automation rules that make your home smarter and save on energy bills.

Troubleshooting connectivity and compatibility issues: Your smart lights won't respond to commands. I'll diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring all your smart devices work together perfectly.

Offering training on smart home system usage: New to smart home technology and feeling lost? I'll provide hands-on training, showing you how to use your system to its full potential.

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