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  • What areas do you cover?
    I offer tech support services in Tiverton and surrounding towns and villages, focusing on homes and home offices. Please contact me to confirm if your location is within my service area.
  • Do you provide both in-person and remote support?
    I provide remote support in certain circumstances, but generally I provide in-person support.
  • How do you charge for your services?
    I charge by the hour for in-person visits, or fixed price for specific tasks. I charge £48 for the first hour and then £45 per hour to the nearest 15 mins. Note: that the first hour charge, etc, only applies if I do work onsite, it is not a call-out charge. If I am collecting or end up doing the work in my workshop e.g. upgrading the disk on a PC then a pre-agreed price will apply.
  • How can I schedule a visit with you?
    You can reach out to me via phone, email, WhatsApp or through my website's contact form. We'll discuss your needs and schedule a time that works for you.
  • What are your business hours?
    My business operates from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Evening and weekend appointments are possible by prior arrangement.
  • Do you provide emergency support?
    No, I do not have the resources, nor am I geared up to provide emergency support. I provide proactive technical support rather than the reactive kind.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    Payments can be made via cash, bank transfer, or major credit/debit cards. Payment is due upon completion of the service. i.e. at the end of a visit or when a job has been completed.
  • Do you guarantee you work?
    Yes, where applicable I give a 30 day warranty. This applies mainly to PC hardware and software fixes, if in doubt please ask.
  • How are the sessions conducted?
    Education and Training sessions can be conducted in-person or remotely. Where applicable the session is hands-on, ensuring you gain practical experience and confidence.
  • What's the difference between training and education?
    Both terms are often used interchangeably but they do refer to different concepts. Here is my take on the two and how I will approach a "training" session vs an "education" session. Training is all about getting the know-how to do specific things, like mastering a new software at work or learning how to make that perfect latte! It’s very much about picking up skills you can use straight away. Education is the bigger picture stuff. It’s not just about learning to do something, but understanding why it’s done that way. It’s about broadening your horizons, thinking critically, and getting your brain to make connections across different ideas. Training would normally involve hands-on work whereas education is more about understanding the subject by studying the topic.
  • Can you help with any brand of computer or device?
    I specialise in Windows based computers and Apple's iPhone and iPad . If you have a specific concern, feel free to ask!
  • What types of PC issues can you help with?
    I can assist with a wide range of PC issues, including but not limited to, software errors, hardware malfunctions, virus and malware infections, slow performance, and system crashes.
  • How do you diagnose computer problems?
    I use a combination of diagnostic software, years of experience, and a methodical approach to identify the root cause of computer issues, ensuring accurate and efficient repairs.
  • Can you remove viruses and malware from my computer?
    Yes, I specialise in virus and malware removal, using advanced tools to clean your system and can implement measures to prevent future infections.
  • Do you offer data recovery services for lost files and how much does it cost?
    I provide data recovery services for situations involving accidental deletion, hard drive failures, and other scenarios where data appears to be lost. Note that the sooner the machine is inspected the more likely that data can be recovered. Data recovery starts at £100, the final charge will be dependant on the complexity of the process used and the time taken. Note: the charges are for carrying out the service. There is no guarantee that the data, in part or whole, will be recovered.
  • How long does a typical repair or upgrade take?
    Repair times can vary depending on the issue's complexity and parts availability. I strive to complete most repairs and upgrades within 48 to 72 hours.
  • What should I do before handing over my computer for repair?
    It's recommended to back up your important data if possible. If you're unable to do so, let me know, and I can assist with the backup process. I may also need relevant passwords and software licence information.
  • Can you help set up new software or operating systems?
    I can install and configure new software, including operating systems, ensuring they're optimised for your system and usage preferences. I only work with genuine licenced software, this may require re-chargeable purchases e.g. Windows Licence. These will be identified and agreed prior to installation.
  • How can I prevent future computer issues?
    I offer advice and can implement solutions for regular maintenance, security best practices, and backup systems to minimise the risk of future problems.
  • Do you provide a warranty for your repair services?
    Yes, my labour is covered by a 30 day warranty. Any new parts bought on your behalf will come with the standard manufacture warranty, usually one year. If you provided the parts, you are responsible for taking the matter up with the retailer/manufacturer, but I will assist you with information and advice. Second hand parts are not covered by any warranty but may come with the ability to return the item if faulty e.g. purchases on eBay.
  • Do you repair hardware?
    No, I provide component level diagnostics and replacement. For example, if the problem is related to the motherboard I can replace the motherboard but I am not able not physically mend on board problems
  • How much does it cost to repair a PC/Laptop
    It depends on the fault ultimately, especially when one factors in the cost of any replacement parts. The base price is £44 per hour charged pro-rata to the nearest 15 mins, plus parts. Once diagnosed, a fixed price will be quoted which needs to be accepted before work commences. For extensive repairs a deposit may be required. Parts are to be paid for upfront.
  • How much do you charge for virus/malware removal?
    The cost of virus and malware detection and removal is £70. This includes recommendations for future prevention and detection. This may involve entering into a subscription service with a 3rd party software provider. I do not get commission or kick-back for making 3rd party recommendations.
  • How much does it cost to upgrade my PC/Laptop?
    Before attempting any upgrade, I will discuss the options for your specific machine (this is free). When upgrading a machine it's important to understand the goals and to find out if its even possible and, if it is, will it achieve those goals or would you be better off with a new machine. For example, not all machines can have their memory upgraded as it can be soldered to the motherboard. Upgrades start at £60, which includes checking compatibility, ordering parts, installation, configuration and final check. A fixed price will be quoted once the upgrade has been defined and agreed. Parts are to be paid for in advance.
  • Can you assist with both iOS and Android devices?
    I primarily focus on iOS devices, i.e. iPhones and iPads. I can provide basic assistance and guidance for Android users, especially regarding general settings, app installations, and connectivity issues.
  • How can you help me manage my photos and videos better?
    I offer strategies for photo and video management, including organising files, setting up cloud backups, and teaching you how to use photo management apps to keep your memories safe and accessible.
  • What if I'm having trouble installing or updating apps?
    I can troubleshoot app installation and update issues, ensuring your device has the necessary software updates and helping resolve any compatibility problems.
  • My device won't connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. Can you fix this?
    I can diagnose and fix connectivity issues related to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensuring your device connects smoothly to networks and accessories.
  • Can you transfer data from my old device to a new one?
    I can guide you through the data transfer procedure, moving your contacts, photos, apps, and other data to your new device seamlessly.
  • How do I set up parental controls on my child's device?
    I provide guidance and setup services for parental controls, helping you manage content access, screen time, and app purchases to keep your children safe online.
  • I'm new to smartphones. Do you offer beginner's training?
    I offer personalised training sessions for new smartphone users, covering the basics of device operation, app usage, and helpful tips to get you started confidently.
  • How can I ensure my personal information is secure on my device?
    I can help you implement security measures, including setting up passcodes, enabling biometric authentication, and advising on safe app and internet usage.
  • My device is running out of storage space. What can I do?
    I'll show you how to manage your device's storage efficiently, including clearing unnecessary files, optimising app usage, and utilising cloud storage options.
  • Do you offer advice on selecting new mobile devices or tablets?
    I provide consultation services to help you choose the right mobile device or tablet based on your needs, preferences, and budget, ensuring you make an informed decision.
  • Can you replace the battery or screen in my device?
    No, I do not offer a battery or screen replacement service.
  • What types of smart home devices can you help me with?
    I can assist with a wide array of smart home devices including smart thermostats, lights, cameras, doorbells, and smart hubs, ensuring they're properly integrated into your home network.
  • Can you recommend the best smart home hub for my needs?
    After assessing your current and future smart home needs, I can recommend the most suitable smart home hub that will serve as the central point of control for your devices.
  • How do you ensure my smart home devices are secure?
    I implement best security practices, including secure Wi-Fi settings, strong passwords, and regular firmware updates, to protect your smart home devices from unauthorised access
  • I'm new to home automation. Can you provide training on how to use my smart home system?
    I offer personalised training sessions that cover the basics of operating your smart home system, using voice commands, and creating automation routines for your convenience.
  • What if my smart devices aren't communicating with each other?
    I can troubleshoot connectivity and compatibility issues between devices, ensuring seamless communication across your smart home ecosystem.
  • Can you help me set up routines and automations for my smart home?
    This is where smart home solutions start to shine, and really help. I can configure custom automation rules and scenes that suit your lifestyle, such as setting lights to turn off automatically when you leave home or adjusting the thermostat based on the time of day.
  • Are you able to integrate voice assistants with my smart home devices?
    Yes. Integrating smart home devices with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, enables you to control your automated home with voice commands and adds and simplify its use.
  • How can I control my smart home devices when I'm away from home?
    I'll show you how to use smartphone apps to remotely control your smart home devices, ensuring you can manage your home from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Can smart home technology help me save on energy bills?
    Definitely, I can set up smart thermostats, lights, and other energy-efficient devices that automate energy savings, potentially reducing your monthly bills. Tip: If you really want to save some money on your energy bills for years to come ask me about zoned central heating control. It is more expensive to setup but can lead to long term savings.
  • What should I consider before expanding my smart home system?
    Before expanding, it's important to consider compatibility between new and existing devices, network capacity, and how each addition serves your overall smart home goals. I can provide a consultation to help plan your smart home expansion strategically.
  • I've heard about Home Assistant, can you help me?
    Yes I can. Home Assistant is a very powerful Open Source solution to managing and automating your home. It does require a certain amount of technical knowledge and experience (which I can help you with). It's for those who perhaps may have already mastered the off-the-shelf offerings like Google and Amazon and what to go to the next step.
  • What types of training do you offer?
    I offer a wide range of training sessions, including basic computer skills, internet safety, using smartphones and tablets, managing digital photos, navigating social media, and understanding cloud services, all tailored to the home user.
  • Can you provide training for specific software applications?
    I can provide detailed training on a variety of software applications, whether you're looking to improve your proficiency in office productivity tools, AI tools or any other specific application. Obviously, I can't cover everything that's out there. So if you have specific area/application that's of interest please ask?
  • Are the sessions suitable for seniors?
    I have considerable experience in providing tech training and education to seniors, focusing on clear, patient instruction and practical exercises that address their specific needs and concerns. The aim being to get the person proficient in the things that interest them without the need to delve into the 'technobabble'.
  • Can you help me with my home office setup?
    I would be happy guide you through setting up an efficient and ergonomic home office, including recommendations for hardware, software, and productivity tools, as well as tips for staying organised and secure online.
  • How long does each session last?
    Sessions typically last between 1 to 2 hours, but can be adjusted based on the topic's complexity and your learning pace. I do not charge for any prep time on my part, after all any prep I do will be beneficial for me in the future
  • What do I need to prepare for a session?
    We will discuss and agree the scope and topics to be covered and what your end goals are. If there is any software or apps to be installed we'll sort that together prior to the session starting.
  • Can you provide ongoing support after a session?
    While I can't provide continuous support after a session. You can reach out with a few questions or request another session as you apply what you've learned.
  • How do I choose the right TV for my living space?
    I'll consider the size of your room, viewing distance, and lighting conditions to recommend a TV size and type that fits perfectly in your space and offers the best viewing experience.
  • What are the best streaming devices available right now?
    Nowadays streaming devices are pretty good and, while there are differences, most would be happy with any of them. So it comes down to what your looking for e.g. a budget or high end solution, picture and audio quality requirements, integration with your current tech, etc. I stay updated on the latest streaming technology and can guide you through the pros and cons of popular devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, NVIDIA Shield and Apple TV, matching you with the best fit for your entertainment needs.
  • Can you help me understand the difference between 4K, HD, and types of TVs?
    I'll break down the technical jargon into simple terms, explaining how each technology affects picture quality, so you can make an informed decision based on your viewing preferences. TV choice, does tend to driven by price vs quality and features required and in particular viewing situation, e.g. how bright is the room, how big a TV do you want/can you fit in the space, etc.
  • Can I ensure my new TV and audio system are future-proof?
    Well ultimately, no! TV Tech, like everything else, changes year on year. But, at any given point it's worth making sure that it comes with all the best features currently available, or perhaps that would be better worded as 'the features that interest you'. Having said that, I'll look for devices with the latest technology standards, connectivity options, and software updates to ensure your setup remains compatible with new content and tech advancements for years to come.
  • What audio setup do you recommend for a home cinema experience?
    It depends. Your room size and shape, your budget and quality of sound you desire. For example the tech for somebody who's priority is the best possible cinematic experience is not the same as somebody who prefers a hi-fidelity musical experience. Solutions include soundbars, a discrete speaker surround sound system and advanced features like Uncompressed Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
  • How can I connect my devices for the easiest control and best experience?
    I'll advise on the integration of your TV, audio system, and streaming devices using the simplest setup for easy control, whether through remote controls, smartphone apps, or voice commands. HDMI-CEC is a good way of using one remote for most of your everyday viewing. It can be a bit picky, but I can help you with that. A universal remote control another way, although they are not so much in favour nowadays due to the rise of the HDMI-CEC. But can still be a good solution in certain circumstance. Many devices can now be controlled via smartphone apps too.
  • What budget should I consider for a good quality TV and audio setup?
    After understanding your requirements and preferences, I'll suggest a realistic budget range that includes options for various price points, ensuring you get the best quality within your budget without overspending. Of course, if you have deep pockets, there is virtually no limit! If that's the case, it's still a good idea to match requirements to what's available... there's no point in spending more if you don't have to.
  • Can you help me set up my new TV and audio system?
    Yes, I offer setup services, including unboxing and installing your TV, setting up audio components, and configuring your devices for optimal performance and ease of use. However, I do not get involved in wall mounting or any work that involves power tools, drilling, etc. There are professional installers who would be happy help.
  • Can you help calibrate the TV?
    I can help with calibration of the TV to suit your personal viewing preferences, e.g. for films, sport or regular broadcast TV. I am not a professional TV calibrator. If you are interested in such as service is a good place to start.
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